Polycab Maxima Green Wire HR FR LSH LF 1.5mm 90m Black

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  • Flammability: IEC 60332 – 1
  • Minimum Bending Radius: 8D
  • Nominal Voltage (UO/U): 600/1100 V
  • Max. Operating Temperature: 85°C
  • Temperature Range: -15°C to +85°C
  • Flame Resistant: ASTM 2863

Product Features

  • High flexibility
  • Fire safety and protection
  • High suitable for conduit wiring inside the wall
  • Eco friendly
  • Suitable for use in a damp area
  • High transparency during a high fire situation

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Polycab Maxima Green Wire HR FR LSH LF 1.5mm 90m (Black): Unmasking the Power of Stealthy Brilliance

In the realm of illumination, where wires often play the supporting role, the Polycab Maxima Green Wire HR FR LSH LF 1.5mm 90m (Black) emerges as a revolutionary hero of the shadows. This isn’t just a conductor of electricity; it’s a silent master of elegance, efficiency, and eco-conscious brilliance, cloaked in a veil of inky sophistication. Unwind its potential and discover a world where performance dances beneath the surface, delivering unwavering safety and sustainable illumination in a discreet, masterful package.

A Symphony of Stealthy Safety:

  • Heat Resistant (HR) and Flame Retardant (FR): Let your shadows dance with confidence. These properties shield against fire hazards, minimizing damage and ensuring safety, even in the most demanding applications.
  • Low Smoke Halogen-Free (LSH): Emergencies become a whisper, not a roar, with LSH technology. It drastically reduces smoke emission, maintaining clear escape routes and minimizing inhalation risks, for a calmer response to unexpected situations.
  • Lead-Free (LF): Make a silent choice for the planet. LF construction prioritizes environmental health, aligning with sustainable practices for a greener future. Every spark of light powered by this wire carries a ripple of environmental responsibility.

Performance Unchained, Efficiency Amplified:

  • 1.5mm Cross-Section: Ideal for accent lighting, decorative fixtures, and low-power applications, this wire offers efficient current flow for spotlights, recessed lighting, and discreet LED strips. Let your space hum with subtle brilliance, without compromising on performance.
  • Black Color Coding: Embrace the art of invisibility. The absence of color simplifies circuit identification and maintenance, saving you time and effort during electrical work. No more deciphering colorful spaghetti; black whispers “elegance,” promoting a smoother, streamlined flow.
  • 90m Length: Unwind endless possibilities, discreetly. This generous length provides ample wire for diverse projects, minimizing connections and maintaining a clean, unobtrusive aesthetic. Whether you’re crafting a hidden home theater or a mesmerizing art installation, this black thread weaves a tapestry of sophisticated illumination.
  • High Flexibility: Bend without breaking the illusion. The wire’s flexibility allows for smooth installation even in tight spaces or intricate layouts, without compromising conductivity. No matter the architectural quirk, this black ribbon gracefully adapts, maintaining the flow of hidden brilliance.

Beyond the Basics, Built for the Future:

  • PVC Insulation: Weather any storm with silent resilience. The PVC insulation offers exceptional resistance to moisture, chemicals, and abrasions, guaranteeing long-lasting durability and resilience. This wire isn’t just black, it’s built to weather any storm, keeping your illumination unwavering.
  • Eco-Friendly: Choose a brand that cares, in the shadows. Polycab Maxima adheres to strict environmental regulations, minimizing its impact on the planet for a sustainable future. Every spark of light powered by this wire carries a torch for a brighter tomorrow.
  • Reliable Brand: Trust the experts, even in the dark. Backed by Polycab’s renowned reputation for quality and innovation, you can rest assured of consistent performance and unwavering safety. With Polycab Maxima, you’re not just illuminating spaces, you’re investing in a legacy of trusted brilliance, cloaked in darkness.

Embrace the Black Canvas:

The Polycab Maxima Green Wire HR FR LSH LF 1.5mm 90m (Black) isn’t just a wire; it’s a declaration of your design-forward vision. It’s a commitment to safety, sustainability, and efficient performance, delivered in a sleek, black package. Choose this champion of the shadows and elevate your electrical projects to a new standard of excellence. Let the black spark ignite your creative spirit and create a legacy of responsible, stealthy illumination.


  • Accent Lighting: Hidden LED strips, recessed spotlights, and downlights – this wire paints your space with subtle accents, transforming walls and ceilings into canvases for light and shadow.
  • Home Theater Lighting: Immerse yourself in the unseen. This wire powers projectors, surround sound systems, and discreet mood lighting, crafting a cinematic experience shrouded in elegance.
  • Museum and Gallery Lighting: Let the art take center stage. This wire ensures focused illumination for exhibits and artwork, while remaining hidden from view, preserving the intimate connection between viewer and creation.
  • Architectural Lighting: Highlight the unseen lines. This wire is ideal for accentuating building facades, bridges, and outdoor sculptures, bringing architectural elements to life with a touch of discreet brilliance.
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